Tuesday, May 31, 2011

June Inspiration: Strawberry Lemonade

Two of my favorite things about summer are strawberries and lemonade. The refreshing taste of ice cold lemonade, using lemons from my mother's backyard, always makes a summer day complete. And, of course, the pure indulgence of strawberries on a warm, starry night are oh-so-sweet. So, what better combination for my June inspiration than strawberry lemonade? Just about everything in this picture is utterly drool-worthy. I plan on trying to incorporate quite a few strawberries and a lot of lemonade into my lazy, summer afternoons. 

Monday, May 30, 2011

Summer On The Brink

Memorial Day Weekend always seems to mark the beginning of summer, at least for me. Once the end of May is here, I start making my list of things I want to do this summer. It's kind of like a bucket-list for the summertime. While several items on my list are new, there are a few old faithfuls that seem to make an appearance every summer. I always make sure to leave room to add more as the summer goes on. Here is a glimpse of my list, what's on yours?